Service and Shopper Paradise 2019
Voting Is Open

To be eligible, all entries must contain name, telephone number and email address. Votes must clearly identify who or what is being nominated, and fit into the appropriate category. You must include the company's complete name and/or location, particularly if it's a division or franchise. In addition, one establishment cannot be nominated for more than three ballot categories per ballot. Limit one entry per person/email address during each Entry Period. A random number of ballots, based on the amount received, will be verified.

Place To Buy
Medicine Shoppe   The Hive
Caniche   The Hive
Barnhardt Jewelry   Caniche   The Hive
On The Job
TMR Realty - Teresa Rufty
Stout Heating & Air
Ritchie's Steamway
Lazy 5 Vets
Lazy 5 Vets
Lazy 5 Vets
Vogue Cleaners
Sam's Car Wash
Sam's Kwik Lube   Auto Works   Rock Steady Rides
Rock Steady Rides   Auto Works
TMR Realty - Teresa Rufty
Powles Staton Funeral Home
Barnhardt Jewelry   Powles Staton Funeral Home   Medicine Shoppe   Fortner Dental Group   Sam's Car Wash

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