Boulder County Gold - People's Choice Awards
Eats, Drinks & Entertainment 2018
Voting Has Closed
NOMINATE your choices for the Best Eats, Drinks & Entertainment in Boulder County. Fill out this ballot. Deadline to vote is by July 15th!

ENTRY PERIODS: There are three separate periods that correspond with the three separate Ballots of Boulder County Gold. The entry period for Eats and Drinks begins 12:01 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) July 4 and ends 11:59 PM MST July 15. Remember to vote on all three ballots. The entry period for the Services, Faces and Places drawing begins 12:01 AM MST July 11 and ends 11:59 PM MST July 22. The entry period for the Shopper’s drawing will be 12:01 AM MST July 18 and ends 11:59 PM MST July 29.
HOW TO ENTER: To be eligible, all entries must contain your name, telephone number and e-mail address. Votes must be specific so we may clearly identify who or what is being nominated, and fit into the appropriate category and transact business in that category. You must include the company’s complete name and/or location, particularly if it’s a division or franchise. In addition, one Boulder County establishment cannot be nominated for more than 3 ballot categories per ballot. Limit one entry per person/e-mail address during each Entry Period. A random number of ballots, based on the amount verified. Entries become the property of Sponsor and will not be returned.

Best Cuisine
Le French Cafe
Kathmandu II
Gondolier   Carelli's
Best Bites
Glacier Ice Cream
Gondolier Italian Eatery
Le French Cafe
Best Foodie Experience
Leaf Vegetarian   Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse   Carelli's
Chautauqua Dining Hall
Chautauqua Dining Hall   Tangerine
Kathmandu II
Spice of LIfe
Spice of Life
Glacier Ice Cream
Carelli's   The Corner   Tangerine
Leaf Vegetarian   The Corner
Chautauqua Dining Hall   Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
Breadworks   Le French Cafe
Leaf Vegetarian   Kathmandu II   The Corner
Best Neighborhood Eatery
Gondolier Italian Eatery
Best Place to Wet Your Whistle
Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
Best Place to Have Fun
Glacier Ice Cream

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